Secure and Convenient Access.
Biometric authentication and access control that
eliminates password problems and gets users in quick - no app needed.
Increase user transactions
Prevent data breaches
One third of online transactions
get abandoned because of passwords.
Increase conversion rates
End user frustation
Get started in minutes
Deployment Options
Self-Host with NudgeServer
Instant passwordless authentication
Not a single line of code needed
Multiple domain authentication
Authenticate multiple domains with a single credential.
Granular role-based access control
Power next level product and security experiences for all your apps and services.
Role-aware content templating
Build product pages that adapt to what the user has access to.
Stripe/Chargebee entitlements integration
Quickly and easily monetize your products.
Encryption at rest database
Built-in encryption at rest database prevents data breaches and ensures what's private stays private.
Ultra Productive
With package management, expressive templating, type-safe configuration and more, NudgeServer redefines what you've come to expect in a web server.
Easily integrate with any tech stack
With a built-in reverse proxy/load balancer, integrated support for email providers like postmark, and api hooks to integrate existing users, you'll jump start your next project, or fast track an existing one.
Secure by default
Out-of-the-box, NudgeServer is an SSL Labs A+ rated web server
Hosted with NudgeCloud
Instant passwordless authentication
No-code integration with NudgeServer or two lines of code easy integration.
Hybrid Environment Support
Ability to run NudgeServer and NudgeCloud side-by-side to support varying needs across an organization.
Easily integrate with any tech stack
Jump start your next project, or fast track an existing one
Best-in-class. For all your users. No app needed.
Even if your users don't have the latest techonology, they will still get a first-class passwordless login experience.
Biometric Bridging
Enables users to use the biometrics available on their smart phone to authenticate into another device. Older phones are supported and users do not need to download an app.
Modern Technology
Built-in biometrics and keys are also supported, including:
Face ID
Touch ID
Windows Hello
Beyond Advanced Privacy
User biometrics, like fingerprints and facial recognition,
never leave the user's device.
We use verifiably secure, cryptography and protocol advances to ensure what's private stays private.
Eliptical Curve Signatures
You'll build better products, faster.
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